Own server vs. cloud: choosing messenger for employee collaboration 2021

Rapid growth and a variety of cloud services are impressive. More than 94% of world organizations use cloud storages. Besides, it is projected that there will be more growth in this technology. Reasons are clear: less consumption of organization resources, accessibility from any device that has an internet connection, and… Yup, that's it, actually. Unfortunately, these advantages equal dependency on the cloud service provider.

Convenient work in a cloud requires a reliable internet connection available in big cities mostly. For example, one premise does not have such issues, but when any crash or failure occurs on the cloud provider's side, you lose access to data for an indefinite amount of time. All you can do is wait for the service to restore. A similar situation happened with Slack users on July 27, 2019, when the access to the service for message exchange was lost for 40 minutes.

The fact that companies spend less money when using cloud services is true. But on the other hand, service changes and transforms regularly, and one must either adapt quickly or hire a specialist (which contradicts the idea of resource savings). Besides, it is impossible to add new features or modify the existing ones.

Notice, that a user trusts his data to a cloud service stored on servers that he does not know anything about: where are they located? Who has access and permission to manage them? A provider guarantees and releases reports about the work done, but a user can't check it to make himself sure that it is true.

Do not forget about the “authentication attack”. Such an attack-type frequently has seen in cases of account data breaches. Hackers are always around learning different services and software. For them, any change in security measures is a new challenge. It does not matter how frequently developers improve the structure of the security, there is always a bored internet warrior ready to show his strength.

In the table below we show that installing your own server is not that scary as it seems. And those distinctive features of cloud services that were considered as an advantage over self-hosted software are not their privilege anymore. For example, let's take a set of features that makes people use cloud hosting and messenger with their own server — MyChat, version 8.5.

Cloud service Own server (MyChat)
Not require powerful hardware.
  • Low technical requirements.
  • Works reliably over the slow internet connection and in the local network.
Less money on software financing. The price is only for a certain number of people in a team.
  • The price is for concurrent online connections to the server.
  • The current license remains forever.
Automatic, necessary updates. A user has a choice: stay on the old version (if he does not like something in the new one; no desire to do so; not enough financing) or update.
  • User authorization control.
  • Encrypted database.
  • The server is fully under the owner's control, with no third-party interference.
Simple to use. Ready to work right after installation; no complicated configuration needed.
Not require an administrator. An experienced specialist/user is enough for additional settings described in the Help.
Accessibility from any device.
  • Available on PC: for Windows, WEB browser, Linux, macOS.
  • For smartphones and tablets: Android.

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