Use of Facebook can lead to serious security breaches in your workplace

We have already mentioned the importance of using the reliable software in a company. But it seems that we should stress more on the question of information security.

It is no longer big news that Facebook had some serious problems in March 2018, when users from various countries discovered, that their information was collected.

Zuckerberg in Congress

After this event, the Facebook administrations claimed that they would do everything to prevent such unacceptable situations in the future.

We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you.

However, users were strongly disappointed, and we can understand them. Who will be OK with the fact that his data is used for the unknown purpose?

Upset Facebook users

The Facebook administration must feel the huge responsibility for users who trusted their information to them. A lot of people are using Facebook for business or different kinds of team collaboration: they share contacts, files, ideas.

Such information must not be compromised in any case!

Anyways, the story is complemented with another scandal that happened on 28 of September — unknown attackers hacked approximately 30 million accounts. People faced various issues with their accounts, and became confused and angry.

Tweets about Facebook security breach

While we are writing this article more news about the Facebook incompetence of bringing the information about their products are coming. It looks like they started confusing themselves after all the pressure and accusations from media and users.

Back in 2009, Mark Zuckerberg said in the interview:

The person who is putting the content on Facebook always owns the information, and that is why this is such an important thing and why Facebook is such a special service that people feel a lot of ownership over. This is their information, they own it.

Well, now it seems like the company neglects this statement in favor of advertising. The problem is that Facebook is engaging with a lot of applications, social plugins, and other tools. Social engineering in this network is huge and branched out. Despite all the excuses from Facebook administration we can no longer trust any bit of our information.

Unfortunately, we observe the following situation: people still recommend this application as an excellent communication tool just because they got used to it. But after all unpleasant news about Facebook security breaches isn’t it a time to think about a reliable alternative?

Communication environment in a workplace must be provided with software that has only essential features for secure and convenient working process:

  • self-hosted server under control of your organization;
  • end-to-end encryption;
  • no advertising and third-party plugins;
  • instant messaging;
  • voice and video calls;
  • screen sharing;
  • task management;
  • intranet forum (accessible only within your company network. The purpose is to reduce the time your employees waste on social networks)

Of course, it is up to you to decide whom to trust your internal information. We want you to think again about programs and software you use for collaboration.

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