MyChat 8.15 — big service pack

  1. MyChat for Windows
  2. MyChat for Android
  3. MyChat for iOS
  4. Updated MyChat Server
  5. Full list of changes + development history
  6. How to update to the latest version?

1. MyChat for Windows

There are quite a lot of changes, so we will tell about the main ones briefly.

In the main chat window, it's possible to change the font size by using the Ctrl+mouse wheel. You can also scroll the content on the keyboard — Ctrl+Up/Down.

We've made the setting that forbids history storing in conferences and private dialogues in a local database; and also a tool for the complete deletion of text logs, conference, and private history in the MyChat Client local database both separately and at once:

Setting in  MyChat Client 8.15

The chat displays a notification if the history loading is disabled or forbidden. Clicking on it opens the program settings:

History load in MyChat Client 8.15

When you use a tool to view a user's location history, but there are no GPS data coordinates, or data transfer is disabled on the phone, you see a banner with a description and explanation. The link follows to this article:

Location in MyChat Client 8.15

For those who use FAR Manager or Total Commander we've made an option to send files into the chat (conferences or private dialogues) from a command line: mcclient.exe /sendfile.

Conferences and private dialogues now include a context menu "Text", "Clear window" (Ctrl+Del), for instant cleaning of visible chat content.

Finished notification about online users in the chat with toast messages.

User search (Alt+F) became "smarter". Search by using Cyrillic or Latin letters, for example, "Юлія" or "Julia", the program gets it correctly and provide the right results.

It's become possible again to change conference topic in MyChat Client (right mouse button in the conference tab (Ctrl+2) or by clicking on three dots/conference name, "Change", "Topic").

Change the width of the right informational panel in the chat (Ctrl+/):

Width in MyChat Client 8.15

2. MyChat for Android

The new version contains settings for forbidding history storing in conferences and private dialogues in the local database.

Tap on a user avatar in a conference, and if you have a certain right, you can open the section for administration (ban, block, disconnect from the server, fire).

We have also added buttons for deleting history in conferences and private dialogues from the local database.

Fixed numerous errors and flaws.

3. MyChat for iOS

MyChat Client for iPhone and iPad is updated regularly. We improve features according to iOS specifics. We also constantly fix any errors or flaws.

There are fewer features in MyChat Client for iOS than in the Android version, but this gap becomes smaller with each update.

4. MyChat Server update

Added the server's command line key /MIXER=NO for debugging purposes. The parameter stun-only=true in the custom configuration STUN/TURN, when using only STUN servers but not TURN for calls.

Added a rule for allowing access to the tool for checking port availability on Admin Panel. And the tool for checking the server availability over the internet moved to the section "Tools".

Moreover, added another rule for not allowing sending messages to conferences. For example, certain users can send messages, and others can only read them.

Serious chanages were made for a photo importing from the domain via LDAP. Increased work speed, added the system for "smart" cache. It works especially well with large servers that contain a big number of users.

Optimized the tool for mass changes for users' accounts (Admin Panel, "Users", "Users List").

Made image thumbnails cache in memory for increasing speed in clients, in conferences.

5. Full list of changes + development history

Development history with developers' comments

MyChat Client

[+] if sending messages in conferences is forbidden by rights, the field for message input gets closed, and the chat displays a message at the bottom of the program;
[+] an option to change the width of the right information panel in the chat;
[+] (WEB) (Linux) (macoS) added processing for a script command mSetRemoteClientCurrentPlaceID;
[+] a tool for changing conference topic in MyChat Client (RMC on conferences (Ctrl+2), or clicking on ellipsis/title "Change", "Topic");
[+] (Android) added buttons in the settings for deleting messages in conferences and private dialogues from a local database;
[+] (Android) added processing for settings that manage disabling history storage on a client from a settings template;
[+] console command purge backups/caches ;
[+] context menu in conferences and private dialogues, "Text", "Clear window" - Ctrl+Del for instant cleaning of a chat window;
[+] (Android) settings to prohibit saving history of conferences and private dialogues in a local database;
[+] (Android) added parsing for a message type "Ban";
[+] (Android) tapping on a user avatar in a conference opens an administration window (ban, blocking, disconnection from the server, firing a user, etc.). Requires special rights;
[+] command line key mcclient.exe /sendfile for sending files to a conference or private dialogue;
[+] Alt+С — cleaning style of selected text when editing formatted text (Alt+T);
[+] (iOS) settings to forbid storing history of conferences and private dialogues in a local database;
[+] settings for forbidding saving conferences and private dialogues history in a local database;
[+] tool for complete deletion of text logs, conference and private dialogues history in MyChat local database both separately and at once;
[+] Ctrl + mouse wheel Up/Down changes text size in the chat;
[+] Ctrl+Up/Down scrolls chat content as if you do it with a mouse;

[*] (WEB chat) when a client receives a settings template with disabled history saving for private dialogues and conferences, then the chat windows clears out after disconnection;
[*] (Android) disabling history saving also disables a dialogue list;
[*] MyChat Client installer automatically detects local language on a computer;
[*] simplified installation of MyChat Client does not ask any questions, but launches instantly, connects to the server, and register a user automatically;
[*] automatic installer of a client application from a server's lobby can ignore excess characters in its title if a distributional file is downloaded again, and a browser adds copy index at the end of a title;
[*] smarter user search (Alt+F). Use Cyrillic or Latin letters, for example, "Юлия" or "Julia", and provide correct results;
[*] (Android) when "Save private dialogue history" or "Save conference history" is off, then during disconnection with the server, the active chat closes, and the dialogue list or conferences will be hidden. Also, an information window with an explanation pops up;
[*] completed notifications about online users in the chat provided with toast messages;
[*] improved technology for calls in complex networks using TCP and UDP protocols preferring UDP;
[*] if there is no coordinates to view user's GPS tracks or data transfer is off on a phone, MyChat Client displays an information banner. Clicking on it opens a corresponding Help page;
[*] (Linux)(macOS)(WEB) a name of a user is written in a message about broadcast read status;
[*] clicking on a call banner on the top of MyChat window automatically switches to a private dialogue with a person;
[*] if the history load is off or there is a ban for saving history in a local database, the chat displays a notification. Click on it to open the settings;
[*] if enable the debugging mode by console command debug on, then a file with incoming traffic records unpacked variant of messages if they were archived by GZIP (marked as "unpacked data");
[*] if somehow it is impossible to upload or download the file or image on the server, the console displays an error with a description of why this operation failed with a link th the Help page for solving the issue;

[-] (Android) incorrect button's work when switching between personal and common contact lists, if the personal list is empty then the application crashes with the error;
[-] fixed filters' work in dialogues (Ctrl+1), conferences (Ctrl+2), and broadcasts (Ctrl+4). Incorrect work of a mouse, when the lists contain filtered data;
[-] (iOS) adding/editing a server does not work in the server manager;
[-] MSI distributional file does not include the file WebView2Loader_x86.dll, fixed;
[-] (Support) a message regarding forwarding dialogue contains user names using the main template but not that specified in WEB support settings. Fixed;
[-] when sending a file to a chat and then deleting the original, and then downloading a file again from a server to own computer, mouse right-clicking on a file in the chat does not display the Explorer menu, and the program thinks that a file is not downloaded. Fixed;
[-] (Android) when answer an incoming video call as voice call, the video starts playing anyways. Fixed;
[-] incorrect inserting of formatted text when changing font size; resize doe not work. Fixed;
[-] clicking on links in quotations do not work. Fixed;
[-] correct form for displayed names for WEB support users if they are not configured as in the main chat;
[-] (Android) after unsuccessful connection attempt, the error text on the login screen is overlaid by a service message. Fixed;
[-] links do not works in messages with formatted text. Fixed;
[-] Ctrl+I for formatted text works incorrectly: text is cleaned+ tabulation symbols. Fixed;
[-] error when sending formatted text, if choosing "Automatic" for font and text color. Fixed;
[-] (Android) time displays in 12 hour format on some devices with Android 8.1 and lower;
[-] the menu item "Online only" does not work in the contact tree (Ctrl+3). Fixed;
[-] during a call initialization only STUN addresses were transferred, and UDP addresses were not installed. Fixed;
[-] (Android) (iOS) when logging out from an account, the login screen displays the error after a while. Fixed;
[-] (Android) the command for deleting history works incorrectly because it requires a mandatory client restart. Fixed;
[-] (iOS) when logging into an account both from iOS and any other application type it was impossible to start a call on other platforms besides iOS. Fixed;
[-] context menu in the section Console (Ctrl+`) "Open protocol file" does not work. Fixed;

MyChat Server

[+] (MSL) function mGetUserTotalUnreadPrivateMessagesCount to get a number of unread messages in all dialogues;
[+] the key /debug for MyChat Server for enabling the mode of extended logging;
[+] a rule for blocking the option of sending messages in a conference;
[+] server's key /MIXER=NO;
[+] parameter stun-only=true in a custom configuration of STUN/TURN, when you need to use STUN servers only, and not TURN;
[+] a rule allowing access to the tool for checking if ports are available in Admin Panel;

[*] (Admin) displaying tech messages when viewing conference logs;
[*] thumbnails cache in the memory for improving speed in the conferences;
[*] a server's installer has version number;
[*] (Admin) a tool for a server's database backup has a backup file size;
[*] (MSL) function mConvertMsgToPlainText "learned" hot to process messages MSG_TYPE_LAN_LINK и MSG_TYPE_ANY_LINK;
[*] decreased network timeout from 60 to 5 seconds when connecting to a domain. In the the local network it's more than enough, you don't have to wait if domain IP controllers are specified incorrectly or AD LDS service is disabled;
[*] an error displayed during user import from a domain there is no connection with LDAP server, for example, #10060;
[*] improved procedure of mass changing for user accounts;
[*] redesigned user photo importing from a domain via LDAP, increased work speed; [*] a tool for checking if a server is available over the internet is moved to the section "Tools";
[*] if IP filters on the server are incorrectly configured, and the bind of a certain IP address is on instead of "listen to all", then it is impossible to open Admin Panel via the button "Administration" on the server's interface. Improved;
[*] (Integration API) when sending an error the connection with the server brakes not instantly but after 1 second which gives an option to process the error on a remote host;
[*] (Integration API) when getting an error, JSON reply contains two links following to English or Russian Help page;

[-] error ID: 21C643BD can occur when updating from older versions like 5.xx ("no such table: cuids"). Fixed;
[-] (Admin) the section "Conferences" -> "Moderators", UID value is displayed as "undefined". Fixed;
[-] (Kanban) if the project's setting is set to "full access", it applies a default set of rights instead of rights that are for a rights group of a connected user. Fixed;
[-] error ID: BFE826C5, occurs when creating thumbnails in slow networks or high loads. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) editing custom menus requires the server's restart for clients to apply changes;
[-] (Admin) incorrect displaying of UTC time when viewing message logs. Fixed;
[-] error when importing users from a domain. Over some time, the duplicates of requested data accumulates making the import process longer each time. Fixed;
[-] when importing users from a domain, an error "Out of memory" occurs because of large photo package of imported users. Fixed;
[-] when changing a user's authorization type to domain one, a nickname is automatically written in lowercase;
[-] when creating a user in Admin Panel, set first/last name , it was impossible to find this user via Alt+F until the server restart. Fixed;
[-] (WEB) calls do not work because of the error in formation of ICE servers. Fixed;
[-] (Kanban) the button "Create project" does not display when entering Kanban on a new server with no projects. Fixed;
[-] when reading a broadcast with a must-read status (Ctrl+F9) the system can incorrectly calculate the number of people who read it if they are logged in from several devices simultaneously;
[-] (Integration API) when error occurs regarding disabled Integration API, the reply command does not write the original command (evocator). Fixed;
[-] on the server Admin Panel, the section "Tools", "Settings template" it was possible to choose the template "MyChat Default Options Set" in the drop-down list. Fixed.

6. How to update to the latest version?

Both commercial and free versions are updated in the same way. The server is updated first, then the clients. In general, this process is performed automatically.

Instruction for updating MyChat

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