MyChat Office Messenger: your own corporate IM solution with voip/video chat and Kanban board

Ten years ago, everybody used WhatsApp for group chat messaging and was happy. Currently, everybody uses a dozen different messengers and even all of them together satisfy nobody for some reason. Do you need the only special IT solution for any kind of collaboration between your employees? Likely, you don’t want to pay for this too much, you don’t want it to be on third-party servers you cannot control. Perhaps you want it to be with video calls, voice calls, files sharing functional, basic team working tools, and of course you want it to be fully encrypted and totally integrated with Active Directory you already have. Good wish!

Look at MyChat solution — an excellent choice for those who appreciate its time, money, safety, and for those who prefer to rely on the reliability of its own servers and employees. If you have an enterprise or a company with up to 800 employees then throw away all existent messengers you use and use only one MyChat instead of them without any problems.

MyChat is the best local network chat and corporate messenger with audio/video calls and Kanban board support out-of-the-box. It’s absolutely free with minimum functional restrictions for up to 20 simultaneous connections. It’s fully independent from the Internet and from external web-services: no data sent anywhere. All stored data is encrypted with SSL: you are the Master of your instance and no one else.

MyChat has no trial period: just download about 140Mb of its full setup program, install and use it as long as you want.

MyChat intranet messaging software produces no extra Internet traffic. If you need some collaboration tools, you can use a Kanban board to control some corporate tasks or you can realize remote PC control in your local network (with help of a free extra plugin). A very useful feature is the possibility to invite people from outside to corporate chat with no registration, no SMS, and no new software installation needs: just two clicks and any person you want can be in your corporate chat using its own unique link from e-mail. MyChat client-server chat application has perfect integration with Active Directory on the server's side and with many programs on client'ss side (Explorer, 1С, MS Office and many others). For enterprises or companies with more than 20 employees, there is a full-featured paid version for a good price (currently $6 for one person).

What’s wrong with other messengers? Let’s see:

  • Skype for business. Cloud solution with lots of commercials and garbage traffic. No forum, no Kanban board. High system requirements are always increased. Big price.
  • BigAnt. No free version (trial only). No Kanban board, no forum, cannot be automatically updated. Big price.
  • Bopup. No Kanban board, no audio/video calls. People from outside cannot be joined to corporate chat. Big price.
  • Openfire. Too sophisticated installation and administration. No Kanban board, no forum, no voice/video calls.

Thus if your company needs its own instant messaging service independent from the Internet with a set of useful tools for a low price of just for free — MyChat is your only right choice.

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